Issue № 4-2. Special Issue dedicated to European integration topics. 2022 р.

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Berezovska-Chmil Olena Borysivna, Kobets Yuliia Vasylivna, Mishchuk Mariana Bohdanivna
The national security of Ukraine in context of integration into the European Union: political and legal aspect (2014–2019)

Brusylovska Olga Illivna
Russian-Ukrainian war: preliminary lessons for the EU and scenarios for future

Vinnichuk Olga Vasylivna, Markitantov Vadym Yuriyovych, Chabanov Vasyl Grygorovych
Russian aggression as a factor of European integration of Ukraine

Voitenko Yurii Mykolaiovych
European practice of combating corruption: experience for Ukraine within the framework of European integration processes

Vonsovych Sergiy Gennadiiovych
The concept “European integration”: historical and political discourse

Girman Alla Pavlivna
European integration: a retrospective view

Horiunova Yevheniia Oleksandrivna
EU Foreign Policy on the Russia-Ukraine War (2014–2022)

Kostiuk Tetiana Oleksandrivna
2022: perspectives of the Ukraine – European Union partnership through the prism of the method of assessment of possibilities and assessment of intentions

Lemko Yuliya Romanivna
The socio-cultural aspect of relations between the association of Ukraine and the EU

Marukhovskyi Oleg Oleksandrovych
Ukraine’s entry into NATO as a basis for formation European system of collective security

Muzychenko Ganna Viacheslavivna, Kolyada Tetyana Anatoliivna
The growth of the state’s role in regulating the rate of socio-economic development as an indicator of Ukraine’s integration into the European area

Naumenko Olha Mykhaylivna
The European way of recruiting the political elite: experience and prospects for Ukraine

Naumkina Svitlana Mykhailivna, Kamenchuk Tetiana Olehivna
Changes priorities in the concepts of regional policy and tools for its implementation on the path to European integration

Rostecka Svitlana Ivanivna, Pronoza Inna Ivanivna
Pan-European/national/regional identities in the political processes of modern Europe

Rudnieva Anna Olehivna, Malovana Yuliia Hennadiivna
Transformation of the image of Ukraine in the conditions of European integration processes against the background of the military conflict with the Russian Federation

Khorishko Liliia Serhiivna
Strategic communications of Ukraine in the context of European integration

Khudaverdiyeva Viktoriya Anatolyivna
Aspects of the European identity of the state in the context of Ukraine’s foreign policy choices and European integration processes

Shapovalova Alla Mykolaivna
The process of reforming the power structures of Ukraine in accordance with EU standards

Shelemba Mykhailo Mykhailovych, Shelemba Marta Mykhailivna
Prospects for Ukraine’s membership to the EU: public opinion of the Visegrаd Group

Shmalenko Iuliia Ivanivna, Matvіienkіv Svіtlana Mykolaivna
Legislative regulation of the media sphere in Ukraine as important step for Ukraine to join the EU

Yavir Vera Anatoliivna
The improvement of political and legal protection of the national minorities’ rights as a requirement of the European integration of Ukraine